Friday, July 22, 2011

Want to Venture a Guess?!?

The baby poll is up and running. Click here. The game name is "BabySierra3" in case you need to enter it. Winner gets bragging rights and a big hug from Gabbi.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why You Won't See the First Picture of Baby #3 on My Fridge

Apparently this kid is an acrobat. It twisted and turned and flipped and punched and kicked its way through my ultrasound. So this is the one and only picture I have. On top, the sonographer did manage to get a view of its foot before it kicked the transducer. The bottom picture appears to show that the kid has at least one eyeball. 

In other news, I am taking any and all name suggestions. Lou and I haven't even discussed names, and I'm pretty sure we won't settle on anything anytime soon. We don't know what the gender is. (I didn't want to know, but Lou did. The sonographer told me that she was soooo relieved that I didn't really want to know because she couldn't have told me with all of its flippy flopping and general lack of cooperation.) So, send me any and all names you think of for this kid. Obviously, names that rhyme with "Sierra" are out. 
No Karas or Sarahs or Taras.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Super Duper Busy Month

June has been super busy for us. (I actually wrote part of this post when it was still June, but only got to finish it tonight.) Here's a few of the things we've been up to...

Dutch Wonderland

Early in the month we took a trip with the Sierra side to Dutch Wonderland. (Gabbi keeps calling it Scotch Wonderland. I think a wonderland of scotch would be a whole different experience.) Despite it being really hot and poor Micah coming down with a fever, everyone had a good time.

Micah and Daddy chilling at the pool.

Gabbi would like to live at the hotel, especially when I let her eat oreos and watch cartoons in the bed.

Hooray for the choo-choo!

Charlie's First Birthday 

Mom & Tot's Camp
Shannon, Liz, Audrey and I loaded up our kids and drove several hours to Camp Hebron in PA. It was a nice mixture of mom time, kid time, and family time.

The kids were not invited to archery. 

This is prior to the super bumpy "Landon and Micah think they are going to die" tractor ride. Everyone is happily eating their cookies.