Friday, December 2, 2011

Someone's Not Getting a Christmas Card this Year....

.. and that person is you.


It's nothing personal - I've just decided that I'm not sending them out this year for the following reasons:
1. Most of the people who would get one are already my friend on Facebook. You've seen a quasi-recent photo of my family so it doesn't make sense for me to get photo cards printed. Any decent photos of us have probably already been posted to good ol' FB, so I have no new material to offer you guys.
2. I am too lazy to do hand written cards. Sad, but true.
3. I've decided to take the money that I could have spent on sending out Christmas cards and to put it to better use. Which is where you come in.

Instead of spending $50 to buy cards and stamps, I'm going to offer you a generic Merry Christmas via my blog and donate the money to World Vision. Since you've been cheated out of a card from our family, you get to vote on where the money goes. Here are your choices:
1. Fast growing, drought resistant seeds for 2 families. This will enable a family to grow and harvest foods like cabbage, green beans, maize, peas, rice, etc.
2. Four Chickens - This provides eggs for the family to eat and extra eggs to sell.
3. Mosquito nets to protect children in Africa from malaria. Because mosquitoes suck.
4. Emergency food for children in Africa.
I'll also allow a write-in vote if you know of a ministry/organization that's in need.
Cast your ballot in the comments section. I'll let you know which received the most votes in a couple of weeks! And have a Happy New Year.