Monday, September 26, 2011

Look Who's In My Womb.....

Today I had an ultrasound. They usually don't do them at 34 weeks, but my placenta was really low at my 20 week ultrasound, so they needed to see whether or not I would need a c-section. (Apparently you need a c-section if the placenta is less than 2 cm from the cervix. Mine is exactly 2 cm away, so I am going to barely squeak by in avoiding the c-section. Hooray!) Anyway, baby #3 was not very cooperative last time and the only picture I got looked a tad like Skeletor. I asked the tech to see if she could get a few pictures that I could show my kids without scaring them. She was able to get a few semi-decent shots, but the kid kept putting it's hand next to it's face and sucking on the umbilical cord (which she assured me was totally normal, even though I thought it was weird). I took a quick glance at the pics and stuck them in my purse.
An hour later, after stopping for a celebratory no c-section Baja Fresh burrito, I brought the ultrasound pics home to show my mother-in-law who was watching the kids. She took one look at them and said, "This one looks just like Lou!" Apparently there is some type of artifact (maybe the umbilical cord or something) right around the mouth which makes the kid look like (s)he has a goatee. It looks like my husband is growing in my uterus. Seriously. If this kid ends up being a girl, she might not appreciate this ultrasound picture when she's a teenager. So, without further ado, I present baby #3...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Pen

The following is my favorite conversation of the day:

 "Hey mom - did you know there is something called a happy pen?" 


"Yup - you get it when you go to kindergarten. It looks cute. I saw it on tv. I need one."

She's actually referring to an epi-pen. We saw a commercial about a little girl who had a peanut allergy, but her mom felt safe sending her on the bus to school because she had her epi-pen (or happy pen) with her. Ah, the power of commercials.